Cabrits Kempinski Real Estate with Dominica Citizenship

Cabrits Kempinski Dominica, Approved Investment Dominica Citizenship Program $220,000

Cabrits Kempinski Real Estate with Dominica Citizenship

Dominica is the "Nature Island" of the Caribbean with the world's best citizenship by investment program. Invest in the world renown luxury brand Kempinski to qualify for the Dominica citizenship program. Guests will enjoy Cabrits National Park and all the natural wonders of Dominica. Full service concierge available, plus al fresco fine dining.

Holding Period
3 Years
Trust Shares
Investment Yield
Sunset Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica
Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica Balcony View
Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica Balcony View
Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica Room Wood Floor Interior




Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica Real Estate Benefits

~Lifetime Dominica Citizenship~

~No Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance or Wealth Tax~

~Citizenship is Hereditary~

~Easy Entry On Arrival to 144+ Countries and Territories~

~Earn a 5% Investment Yield~

~Sell Investment in 3 Years~

Cabrits Kempinski Dominica, Pool 34
Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica Real Estate

Invest in Your Future Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica

Invest in Five Star Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica

Cabrits Kempinski Dominica takes its name from the adjacent Cabrits National Park. Additionally, this ideally situated Dominica real estate features 160 rooms and luxury suites featuring sea views and easy access to the island’s natural wonders. Indeed, Dominica’s natural splendor is world renown with over 1,200 varieties of plants, deep canyons and exotic wildlife only found on Dominica.

The luxury resort is the result of a three way partnership between the best developer in the Eastern Caribbean and the renown Kempinski luxury brand in combination with the Dominica government.

This symbiotic partnership combines the best Dominica real estate development with 5 star luxury and the Caribbean’s best citizenship by investment program.

The resort is indeed a coveted destination for citizenship investors and tourists alike. Fully completed and opened for business since October 14, 2019, all 160 units were initially sold out. Fortunately, limited resale inventory has now become available on a first come, first serve basis.

~ First Come, First Serve. ~

Government Approved Dominica Real Estate

Cabrits Kempinski Dominica is a government approved real estate development that qualifies under the Dominica citizenship by investment program. As a result, successful applicants can purchase a resale share in the resort for a minimum of US$220,000 and also receive a Dominica passport.

Additionally, shareholders receive 90% of the profit from operations pro rata. Plus, sell the investment after the five year holding period to recoup your capital while retaining citizenship in perpetuity.

~ 90% Profit Sharing, 4-5% Investment Yield. ~

Established in 1993, Dominica boasts the oldest citizenship investor program in the world next to only St Kitts and Nevis. Therefore, citizenship recipients are supported by a well established constitutional background. Not to mention, the Dominica government continues to foster a stable political environment with a consistent 80% approval rating for many years running.

Cabrits Kempinski Resort Dominica Pool View
Cabrits Kempinski Resort & Spa Dominica, Pool View

Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica

Two Extra Benefits for Cabrits Kempinski Investors

Complimentary developments on the island include a new intercontinental airport slated for completion in 2025. As a result, the new airport will facilitate direct flights from mainland Europe and also the United States. These locations have long been the source of Dominica’s tourist clientele. Therefore, the resort will see an increase in visiting ecotourists enjoying direct flight access.

In addition, Dominica’s natural attractions are ideal for the new age of social distancing. Guests can now vacation safety while visiting Dominica’s outdoor attractions and are equally protected by the open air, low density architectural design of Cabrits Kempinski Dominica.

Cabrits National Park

One of Dominica’s main attractions is Cabrits National Park. The land area of the neighboring park is over 1,300 acres featuring hiking trails and the beautiful beach lies below. Additionally, coral reefs located just offshore feature exotic Caribbean coral and tropical fish. These coral reefs of Dominica draw divers and snorkelers from worldwide locations.

Visitors to the park will find the remnants of Fort Shirley which formerly served as a colonial bastion of the British and also the French. Initially constructed in 1765, the fort features two fortified walls and military relics including a selection of canons. It was originally chosen for its sea side location with sweeping bay views towards Portsmouth.

In addition, Dominica is a natural paradise. The island serves well as a the nesting ground for several species of endangered sea turtle. Dominica is also home to a group of resident sperm whales found in the deep blue sea surrounding the island. Not to mention, Dominica is home to the endemic Sisserou Parrot. The exotic bird displays beautiful purple and green feathers beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Cabrits Kempinski Dominica Ownership Structure

The ownership structure of Cabrits Kempinski, Dominica is a limited partnership and real estate trust. Therefore, Dominica real estate investors hold shares of the trust in contrast to traditional freehold ownership. As a result, privacy of the investor is paramount because their identity is not recorded in the Dominica Land Registry.

Furthermore, citizenship by investment properties priced in the US$220,000 range do not permit the owner to use the property year round, exclude others or mortgage the entire unit. The ownership structure of Cabrits Kempinski Dominica will indeed provide many advantages over freehold title.

Moreover, investors can sell their share after a 5 year holding period (to a new applicant) but also retain their Dominica citizenship in perpetuity. In addition, under the real estate trust structure, the investor is able to sell without attracting transfer taxes. As an investment securing citizenship, share ownership is most advantageous.

Nuclear Family of Four
Invest in Your Future with iGlobal

Itemized Cost Breakdown for Family of Four*

ItemFamily of Four*
Cost of Share US$220,000
Government fees for main applicantUS$25,000
Government fees for spouse and two dependents
Due Diligence FeesUS$11,500 ($7,500 for main applicant and $4,000 for spouse, $0 dependents <17 years)
Share Registration FeesUS$8,800
Legal Fees
Government Processing FeesUS$1,000
Certificate of Naturalization, stamp feesUS$1,000 ($250 x 4)
Total CostUS$282,300

*Family of four is main applicant plus three dependents. Dependents can include spouse of main applicant or children up to age 30, plus parents or grandparents.

Dominica Citizenship Requirements

Qualification for Dominica citizenship requires a thorough background check, medical exam and also the purchase of government approved real estate. As a result, Dominica gains a new citizen of exceptional means. In addition, the purchase of share units in a local hotel supports tourism which fosters economic opportunity around the island.

Rest assured that your share purchase in Cabrits Kempinski Dominica is a win~win situation. It will provide lifetime citizenship, a new passport, plus an investment yield and some good karma.

Your application will be successfully implemented with no risk, at the lowest possible cost. Successful applications are contingent on proper due diligence including AML/KYC protocol. Therefore, all applicants are thoroughly vetted in-house before proceeding and any complications will be identified well in advance.

Application Process:

  1. The first step is the reservation form which is completed and returned along with a copy of each applicant’s passport.
  2. We then conduct an in-house background check on the applicants and issue an invoice for down payment (10% of purchase price).
  3. After receipt of the initial payment from the buyer, the purchase and sale agreement (signed and stamped by seller) will be delivered to the buyer’s designated address.
  4. Our documentation team will then send all the application forms along with a list of the required supporting documents to the applicants. Assistance with the forms is provided as needed.
  5. Once all documents are in order, the completed file is submitted to the Dominica citizenship unit.
  6. From submission to approval it may take approximately 2-3 months if no query is raised during the due diligence process.
  7. Should any queries arise, the unit may request additional documents or information to be submitted.
  8. Upon approval, we will issue a final invoice for the investment balance and government fees.
  9. Once final payment is received, it would take 2-3 weeks for issuance of the certificates of registration and passports.