Will I need any immunizations?

It depends on where you will be traveling to. If you plan to venture into developing countries then it is best to travel prepared. Not only because it is a good idea but because you can be refused entry if you do not provide proof of immunization. The best way to be sure about it is to visit a travel clinic before departure. However, do your homework first because at the global travel clinic they usually try to prescribe more than necessary.

The standard requirements for immigration in Sub-Saharan Africa is proof of yellow fever vaccination. This is both for entry and for your ongoing destination. This is because your next destination will require proof of immunization if you are arriving from a yellow fever country. However, it is advisable to also get your hepatitis immunizations, tetanus and rabies if possible.

Will I need a second passport for global travel?

Eventually, permanent expatriates will need to acquire a second passport. Otherwise expats will be subject to overreaching financial regulations of the US such as FATCA and FBAR. Additionally, the unilateral foreign policy of the US government can make US citizens targets for retribution. As a result, having a second passport from a neutral country will eliminate political risk and enhance your security. Also, to renounce US citizenship it is advisable to be in possession of second citizenship. Otherwise, it is unlikely the US embassy would process your renunciation. Or if they did process your renunciation and you were not in possession of a second citizenship, you would become stateless.    

Do I need a guide for Global Travel?

If you are not comfortable with traveling alone then it is advisable to get a guide. Additionally, guides can potentially enhance the travel experience because of their familiarity with the destination. It is important to choose a good guide if you intend to use one. Additionally, to visit some destinations such as Maasai Mara in Kenya or other strictly controlled areas the use of a government approved guide is compulsory.

Do developing countries have internet access?

In this day and age internet service is ubiquitous. 3G or 4G wireless service is available in virtually all undeveloped destinations. As a result, it is usually possible to procure a local SIM card at the airport upon arrival and insert it into your device. Usually the transition is seamless. Additionally, with a modem you can obtain wireless internet access for your laptop. However, WIFI is also commonly found in all hotels throughout the developed and undeveloped world.

What is the best single mobile device to bring on my trip?

If your preferred device is handheld then bring that. SIM cards are usually always interchangeable and you can switch over on arrival. Additionally, SIM cards also work in modems for laptops and larger devices.

Has global warming affected the global travel industry?

There has been a profound affect from global warming on global travel destinations worldwide. This is most apparent in areas that experience the monsoon season. As a result, the monsoon storms are more violent and the monsoon season is more unpredictable. Additionally, the dry seasons tend to be less predictable and the heat and drought are prolonged and more severe. The effect on tourism is to make certain areas inaccessible during the monsoon. Typically affected areas are generally those that have elevations close to sea level such as Bangladesh, west coast of Malaysia and Southern Thailand. However, by paying attention to travel alerts in your destination area it is possible to avoid complications. Furthermore, if you wish to avoid risk of flooding it is advisable to avoid countries that endure a monsoon season.

How secure is global air travel?

They say that air travel is safer than crossing the street. It is very likely that this is still true even with the global proliferation of extremism. It is nearly impossible for a terrorist to get on board a passenger aircraft. Unfortunately, there are still incidents when passenger airlines have crashed due to human error or terrorism. However, they are very few and far between. Additionally, as a proportion of daily global air travel the chances of incurring death or injury because of terrorism or pilot error is infinitely small. As a result, it is still safer to travel by plane then most other forms of conventional travel. 

What is self tour safari?

Most African safari parks provide the option of self tour safari. As a result, visitors are able to use their own vehicles to travel in the park and view the animals. The roads are usually not paved and it is advisable to have a durable 4×4 vehicle to deal with adverse conditions. Additionally, basic knowledge about the animals (especially elephants) is advisable to prevent any adverse situations.

What if I do not speak the language of the country I will visit?

Usually you will be able to get by with a little research and some patience. Although it is advisable to learn some of the local phrases, it is not necessary to be fluent in their language. In most developing countries students are taught English in school. As a result, native English speakers will have it pretty easy in most locations. However, in rural areas it can get more complicated and patience is needed. It is always best to know a few of the basic phrases and always travel with your hotel address written in both English and the native language. Don’t assume signs will always be in English especially in places such as China and Russia.

How do I know if I need a travel visa?

Citizens of developed countries will usually have it pretty easy as far as travel visas are concerned. However, it is prudent to always check beforehand from a credible source. The local consulate or their national immigration website is a good source of information. Additionally, if a visa is required many countries such as Turkey, India and Cambodia have streamlined the process. As a result, it can be obtained online for a nominal fee. However, if online service is not available it is usually possible to obtain the visa by visiting the local consulate. If necessary, most consulates have rush service available if you are short on time.

Do I need an onward ticket to show immigration?

Most countries list this as a requirement for entry along with a valid passport and visa (if necessary). However, it is always a bit annoying when they don’t even ask for it. As a result, it is easy to get complacent if you a frequent global traveler. This can create problems because eventually they will ask for the ticket to your onward destination. If you don’t have it, you may be denied entry at the worst and if you are lucky your entry will only be significantly delayed. Fortunately, it is easy to procure a onward ticket online before departure. The tickets can usually be canceled or amended for a nominal fee and you get through immigration without problems.

Do I need malaria prophylactics?

If you are traveling in a region and there is a risk of malaria it is common sense to take precautions. However, it is usually not necessary to take the prophylactics. Also, the medication will make you sick and it can ruin your trip. Adequate precautions usually include using mosquito repellent and wearing adequate clothing during high risk times of day such as dawn and dusk. Additionally, awareness about your destination will be very helpful. For example if you are traveling in an arid region there is great difficulty for mosquitoes to breed. Therefore, the malaria risk is low even though it is in a country that has a bad reputation for malaria. For example, there are many deserts and arid regions in Africa. Indeed, malaria risk can actually be extremely low or non existent in some areas even though it is in Africa. Only a fool would take the malaria prophylactics if it is not absolutely necessary.