Invest in Park Hyatt, St Kitts US$220,000

St Kitts and Nevis CBI approved real estate includes a 5 star luxury branded hotel called Park Hyatt St Kitts. “Location, location, location” is the best way to describe this 5 star development. The ultra luxury beachfront hotel is situated in Banana Bay on the southern tip of St Kitts Island with beautiful views of Nevis and the cloud covered Nevis Peak.

Park Hyatt St Kitts has been in operation since the completion date of November 1, 2017. Indeed, guests are very pleased with the amenities and the location. As a result, by investing in this CBI approved project shareholders accrue an annual income yield from the outset equal to 90% net profit pro rata.

“Location, Location, Location”

The hotel is operated by the world renown brand – Hyatt. Indeed, the reputation of the developer is equally stellar and they boast the most successful track record for Caribbean citizenship by investment real estate including the recent opening of their second CBI approved development – Cabrits Resort Kempinski, Dominica.

Purchasing a resale share of the resort at US$220,000 is a qualified investment for St Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship. As a result, the applicant and their dependents receive a St Kitts and Nevis passport in return for their contribution to the economy of the islands. Additionally, the investor can sell their share after a 7 year holding period (to a new CBI applicant) while retaining St Kitts and Nevis citizenship in perpetuity. There is currently limited resale inventory available – first come, first serve basis.

Park Hyatt St Kitts Ownership Structure

Ownership of Park Hyatt St Kitts CBI real estate is structured into a limited partnership and real estate trust. This permits CBI investors to purchase a share of the hotel instead of freehold ownership. As a result, privacy of the investor is protected because their identity is not recorded in the St Kitts and Nevis Land Registry, in contrast with freehold title registration which is made public.

Indeed, freehold ownership of citizenship by investment properties priced in the US$220,000 range does not permit the owner to use the property year round, exclude others or mortgage the entire unit. As a result, the traditional benefits of freehold title are not applicable with CBI property ownership.

Additionally, under St Kitts and Nevis share resale rules, there is no need to find a second applicant and qualify with the reduced investment amount! Also, by using the real estate trust structure, the investor is able to sell without attracting transfer taxes. This is an investment, as a result, share ownership is most advantageous.

 ItemFamily of Four
Cost of ShareUS $220,000
Main Applicant’s Government FeesUS $35,000
Spouse’s Government FeesUS $20,000
2 Children’s Government FeesUS $20,000
($10,000 per child)
Share Registration Government FeesUS $11,000
Due Diligence FeesUS $19,500
(US$ 7,500 for main + $4,000 x 3 for dependents)
Total Cost
US $325,500