US E-2 Visa Eligibility with Grenada Citizenship

Successful applicants of the Grenada economic citizenship program are eligible to apply for the 5 year renewable US E-2 visa. If successful, US E-2 visa holders can live and work in the United States of America with their spouse and children under 21 years of age. Additionally, the initial 5 year visa term is renewable indefinitely in two year increments provided the E-2 visa qualifications are maintained.

To qualify for the US E-2 visa, investors must be citizens of a country (such as Grenada) which has a E-2 treaty with the United States. Additionally, they must make a “substantial” investment in a US business and the main applicant must play a significant role in oversight of the business. As a result, they can live and work in the US plus their spouse can pursue open market employment opportunities in the US and their children will qualify for state education inside the US.

Advantages of Grenada E-2 Treaty Investment

There are over 70 countries with which the US maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation. However, Grenada is a politically neutral country that is very unlikely to ever antagonize the US which may potentially result in a E-2 treay suspension (in contrast with Turkey).

Grenada citizenship benefits include visa free travel to over 135 destinations including the European Union (EU), Russia and also China. This is in contrast with other popular E-2 Treaty countries (such as Turkey) with no visa free access to the EU, Russia or China. Additionally, Grenada has a 5 year visa term in contrast with E-2 treaty countries such as Montenegro with only a 1 year term. Furthermore, investors also have the option to live and work in Grenada and pay no tax on international income.

To qualify for Grenada economic citizenship, investors can purchase government approved real estate for a minimum of US$220,000 or make a non-refundable contribution of US$150,000 to the National Transformation Fund.

US E-2 visa qualification with La Sagesse, Grenada Eco-Resort
Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada – Hilltop View of V2 Branded Residence

US E-2 Visa Benefits for Grenada Citizens

  1. Tax Planning – the US E-2 Visa holder can spend up to 122 days per year inside the US and not have to pay tax on international income.
  2. Business Flexibility – the investor can start a new business to qualify or purchase an established business or invest in a franchise opportunity.
  3. Sponsorship – investors can sponsor specialized employees from their home countries (who may or may not be family members) to work at their US E-2 business.
  4. Confidentiality – Grenada economic citizenship permits dual citizenship with no requirement to notify the applicant’s home country.
  5. No Residency Requirement – Grenada economic citizenship does not require residency or any need to visit Grenada during the application process.
  6. Controllable – the investor must be able to direct and control the E-2 business investment to ensure its success.
  7. Affordable – investors can qualify with a business investment as low as US$120,000
  8. Expeditious – the US E-2 Visa application can be processed within 6-8 weeks. 
  9. Conversion – the US E-2 visa can be used as a precursor to the EB-5 while residing inside the US. Additionally B-1, E-1, F-1, F-2 and H-B1 can be converted to E-2 Visa (but you may need to leave the US and re-enter with Grenada passport).
  10. Easy Renewal – simply leave the US and re-enter to receive a 2 year visa extension.
  11. Instate Tuition – children of E-2 visa holders qualify for instate tuition which can potentially save 10’s of thousands of dollars per year.

US E-2 Visa Benefits vs. US EB-5 Visa

The US E-2 visa offers significant advantages over competing programs such as the US EB-5. For example, the E-2 is a non-immigrant visa as compared to the EB-5. As a result, new regulations imposed by the US government such as the increased investment amount do not apply to the US E-2 visa. Indeed, the minimum requirement for the E-2 business investment is over 80% less than the EB-5 requirement. See the full comparison table below:

Visa Requirements US E-2 Visa (Grenada) US EB-5 Visa
Type of Visa 5 Year, Multiple Entry, Right to Reside and Invest, Renewable Permanent Residency
Minimum Investment Amount No set minimum amount, Suggested amount above US$120,000 Minimum US$900,000 invested in targeted employment area (TEA) to US$1,800,000 in non TEA
Minimum Job Creation Requirement No minimum, but must sustain jobs for more than investor and his/her family 10 full time positions for US workers
Management Requirement Can be delegated Limited partnership is sufficient
Limit of Available Visas No limit Yes, (cap of 700 visa applications per country per year resulting in extreme processing delays)
Possible Tax Advantages Yes, not subject to tax on international income if present in US less than 122 days per year.  No tax advantages
Application Processed By US Embassies/Consulates USCIS
Processing Time 6 weeks 4 years to 17 years depending on country of birth (average 6-7 years for Indian Nationals, up to 17 years for Chinese Citizens) 
Minimum Length of Stay on Annual Basis in US No minimum 2.5 years out of 5 years to be eligible for US citizenship
Visas Issued Annually
43,000 (2019)
10,000 (2018)
Family Benefits Spouse can work, children entitled to state education Spouse can work, children entitled to state education
Source of Funds Loss onerous Comprehensive analysis, complex

Turn Key US E-2 Business Solutions

Your US E-2 visa application can be fully prepared during the government processing period for Grenada economic citizenship (90 days). As a result, as soon as your Grenada passport is received, the E-2 visa application can be immediately submitted. The application processing time is 6-8 weeks, therefore investors in Grenada economic citizenship can be residing and working inside the United States within 5-6 months.

To qualify for the US E-2 visa, investors can start their own business or purchase an already established business including franchise opportunities! In collaboration with our business partners in the US, we are able to offer turn key solutions for your US E-2 visa approval including E-2 application processing and procurement of a suitable business investment.

Business Type Pros Cons
  • Support from the franchisor
  • Established business model
  • Economies of scale
  • Costs associated with gaining franchise rights
  • Restrictions imposed by franchisor
Existing Business
  • Business is already operational
  • Inherit customer base
  • Historical financial figures
  • Risk of fraudulent financial figures
  • Unlikely to find successful existing business for sale
New Business
  • More entrepreneurial
  • Potential for high returns
  • Increased investment business risk
  • Unfamiliar market
  • Competitive market landscape