Welcome to iGlobal

Edwin Morgan

My name is Edwin and I am the founding member of Go Global Corporation PTE. LTD. iGlobal is my flagship website and it is 100% sourced from my personal travel experiences. I left the US in 2010 and embarked on a epic global travel adventure that will never end. It is the ultimate experience and the rewards will never stop coming.

Are You Ready to Go Global?

I built this website in order to encourage my website visitors to embrace the freedom and rewards of global travel. But I also go far, far beyond and encourage you to stay gone! Follow your instincts and decide for yourself. If the walls of unbridled Western Consumerism are closing in on you, then act now because it may be your last chance.

The content of this website includes hundreds of global travel adventures including all of the cultural, historical and ecological information about the covered destinations. Additionally, I completed intensive investigations about foreign residency options and I learned how to acquire second citizenship.

Sustainable Global Travel

The objective of this website is to encourage competent individuals to embrace financially and ethically sustainable travel. Additionally, please independently study the religion, philosophy and history of locations that you visit. As a result, you will know where you went but you will also finally understand where you came from. It is the ultimate disillusionment. All of the breadcrumbs that you will need to plant a flag in a new home country are here.

My motivation is the same as the original Americans who landed on the east coast of the US 300 years ago. However, the rules and means of global travel have changed dramatically for the better. As a result of the internet, competent individuals can plan their escape and make it last many lifetimes.

Sincerely Yours,