Economic citizenship programs allow qualified investors to receive a new passport in return for meaningful investment into the local economy. By making the required minimum contribution into the issuing country’s economic fund or by purchasing government approved real estate, applicants can successfully secure global access, financial security and economic freedom with second citizenship.

My partners and I have a combined 35+ years of experience working with the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, plus Vanuatu. Indeed, I am a successful applicant of the Dominica economic citizenship program and a permanent expatriate. Please rest assured that I have walked in your shoes on the path to global citizenship.

Contact me to combine your objectives with the most applicable program. Whether you desire the US E-2 visa, perpetual travel or you just want to renounce your current citizenship – each solution is tailored to accomplish a specific goal. Additionally, we will do it at the best price in the most efficient manner possible.

I look forward to getting started.

Sincerely Yours,